Dear Valued Customer,

As part of our effort to support the fight against Covid-19 Atlantic Coated Papers (“ACP”) is undertaking the following immediate measures to bolster Government efforts and protect the health of our local community, ACP team members, vendors, partners and clients we support.

ACP is listed as an essential business in both of our operating jurisdictions, we remain open for business to support the global supply chain and provide vital protection for packaged goods headed to market.

For all offices, remote sites and factories:

∙Frequent, routine disinfectant cleaning of high traffic areas

∙Providing hand sanitizer for use, as well as training on how to properly wash hands

∙Transitioning high-risk employees from the factory or office to work from home if their roles allow them to do so

∙Elimination of all non-essential travel (business or personal), including customer visits

∙Where possible, providing surgical masks to employees interacting with external parties

∙Where possible, mandatory pre-screening, including temperature checks and health condition self-disclosure, for all people entering an ACP facility

∙ Eliminating access to all ACP facilities for all non-critical visitors

∙Eliminating access to all ACP facilities for people that have traveled domestically or internationally via mass transit; traveled via any means to a COVID-19 hotspot; had close contact with any possible source of COVID-19; or exhibited both a fever of ≥100.4°F within the past 24 hours and symptoms of acute respiratory illness (cough and/or shortness of breath)

We continue to follow CDC & Health Canada recommendations and believe these steps are necessary to minimize exposure risk and protect the health of our workforce and communities.

Currently Covid-19 hasn’t presented any disruption to our production. Inbound and outbound freight deliveries also have not been impacted.

We stand by to do our part during these uncertain times, in full compliance of the law, ACP is here for our valued customers and communities.

Stay safe,

David Granvosky
President and CEO
Atlantic Coated Papers