Roll stock for pouches and bags

We're a leading manufacturer of roll stock for pouches and bags. Our roll stock is manufactured in a FSSC 22000 certified facility and is great for applications such as tea packaging, gravies, hot chocolate powder, dry/wet condiments mix and much more. We offer unprinted roll stock or flexographic printing options with up to 7 color capability allowing for vivid color graphics that will help your product stand out on the shelf.

Freezer paper base stock

With our excellent counter roll capabilities we've been providing the food service industry with our proven commercial grade freezer paper for nearly 20 years. Available in bleached, natural kraft and red, our poly-coated freezer base stock is strong, coated on one side and provides a moisture resistant barrier that seals flavours in during freezing.





By partnering with us, we will manufacture your roll stock in our FSSC 22000 certified facility to ensure there is no contamination and your product meets important shelf life requirements. We create roll stock for a variety of premium flexible packaging options including: butter & shortening, protein shakes, sugars & sweeteners, spices & seasonings, nuts, seeds, & grains, trail mix confectionary & candy, pet food and powdered drink mixes.

Poly coated board for food trays & boxes

 Our Barrier Board™ specialty poly-coated roll stock resists moisture and grease, eliminating the need for a tray liner. We can accommodate a variety of sizes and we can work with you to meet any required customizations.

Foil Liner for
composite cans

Our polyethylene laminated foil roll stock for composite cans is ideal for packaging critical food items such as potato chips, drinks, bread crumbs, hot chocolate powder, tea and many other items. Our roll stock can also be used on the outside of the can, making it ideal for crowded retail applications where it’s essential your product stands out from the competition.


Coated cup stock roll

We manufacture coated cup stock using eco-friendly processes while maintaining stringent quality levels. We offer toll coating where we will coat your paper inventory and send it back to you for fulfillment. All of our cup stock is compatible with both hot and cold beverages.


Never be limited by your supplier. ACP provides the most cost-effective solutions for poly coated and laminated paper, foil, and film roll stock. We produce roll stock certified for food and pharma applications. Our efficiencies allow us to lower the cost of packaging products for our partners.