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Certified Packaging

When there are biological, chemical and physical hazards in production processes, your finished product may become unsafe. That’s where certifications comes into play. We use hazard analysis and critical control points as a systematic, preventative approach to food safety, and design measurements to reduce potential risks to a safe level.


True experts

We are innovators in pharma packaging, construction and the industrial coated papers sector in North America. Maintaining our market share with an absolute focus on quality, cost and service for our customers, ACP partners with only the best suppliers in the industry to provide our customers with the most cost effective, high quality solutions available.

We do that. Just ask.

ACP delivers the packaging for a wide range of pharma products including alcohol wipes, moist towelettes and more. Benefit from our capability to produce certified pharma packaging for items such as alcohol wipes, gauze or any custom product in your inventory. ACP facilities boast over 150,000 feet of operational floor space, with immediate onsite capacity to bring more on-line as needed. In other words, we’re equipped to handle any type and any size of project.