ACP begins production of North American made PPE Gowns

Like many manufacturers, we were called to action when Covid came to town.

When provincial and federal governments started talking about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shortages, right away we wanted to contribute to the efforts of battling against Covid-19. We looked at ways that we could use our machinery and expertise to help out. 

Normally we make coated papers for food, pharma, roofing, pulp and paper mills and a variety of other sectors. Our coated products are custom made to our client’s specifications. This is what we do, day in and day out, and we’re amazing at it.

We reached out to past and current customers, asking if they knew of anyone that needed material coated for the medical industry, specifically protective personal equipment. 

That’s where this story begins. Pascal Risler (National Account Manager at ACP) was contacted by a fabric manufacturer that he had met at a trade show. This manufacturer was aware of our capabilities and asked if we could coat his material to meet Level 2 and Level 3 regulations. We ran a few trials, and we’re successful in getting the coated fabric certified to Level 2 and 3 by an independent lab. 

This textile manufacturer received many calls and inquiries about supplying medical gowns. He was successful in landing a very big medical gown order for northern USA. He helped spread the word that ACP had the capabilities to coat fabric for PPE. We’ve received many calls from different manufacturers and continue to respond to inquiries.  Health Canada has also reached out to us to obtain information and referred clients to ACP. We continue to work with our teams to coat fabric for PPE.

Mr. Risler says that “It is a pleasure for us, as a company and individually, to know that we are contributing to the efforts to beat Covid-19”.

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